A fourth of the western worlds population is now generation Z. This is the most scrutinized generation so far regarding your communication and your values overall. It’s not enough to have a nice policy about equality and diversity. You have to walk the talk.

Who is visible in your communication is more important than you think. It’s not just an invention to be politically correct. It’s about contributing to a society where everyone is accepted, and everyone gets to be seen. A society where diversity is good.

This is nine crucial steps to diversify your communication. If you want to know more about how to create a more diverse and inclusive communication, feel free to take our course right here.

1. Count heads
Don’t underestimate the value of keeping track of which people you
choose to present. Create KPIs and measure your progress! Who is visible? And who isn’t?

2. Prepare a plan! And stick to it.
Find editorial themes that help you fulfil your strategy. You may wish to create your own lists, prizes and events. They boost familiarity with your organization and build trust as well as generate credibility.

3. Dare to fight
There are all kinds of wishes and opinions in your organization. Don’t simply choose the safe option; instead, let people who own the issues internally take precedence over those with a higher position or rank. The people you choose to showcase say a lot about you as a company! It really does matter which people you choose to have visible.

4. Find the new experts
Identify your internal experts. Don’t be afraid to showcase them – they constitute an invaluable resource. Also, dare to choose atypical people who may not be so used to communicating.
 External experts go past the first page when doing Google research. Participate in new arenas and in new contexts.
 Don’t back down – the example/story/person is out there.

Keep an eye out for smart people
Which external experts would you want to be associated with – and perhaps work with? Imitate? Invite in for an inspirational talk? Include in panel debates? Employ? Keep an eye on the news feed and social media, look around at lectures, and so on.
 Continuously seek out people to connect with. That way, you can act quickly when an opening appears for you to work together or have the best possible experts at your event. That’s how new ideas are born which will make your company shine.

6. Plant a seed early
Invite people in and work actively with them to raise your profile among other/new groups.
 Let employees be mentors. Accept study visits. Get involved in various initiatives. In addition, offer your contact details, i.e. make
things easier for young people seeking summer jobs.

7. Watch out for pitfalls
Avoid the pitfalls. Think about HOW you highlight people. How do you portray them: in which contexts and on which grounds? How do they look in the pictures? Check out the course Gender-Aware Photography for a few useful guidelines.

8. Create new networks
Don’t underestimate the importance of being present in new contexts, taking time to attend different events, or visiting interesting parties/schools/hubs. Simply being on site – and being seen there – makes you more credible.
 You can pick up on new needs and thoughts at the same time as underpinning the image of your company among new groups.

More than just male vs female
Remember that diversity also has to do with young/old, born in Sweden/born abroad, urban/rural, head office/local branch and so on.

Want to know more?
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