The key to good communication can get your message heard by the right people, in the right way, at the right time.

You can create beautiful communication campaigns and have a tremendous product or service, but if you aren’t charming the right audience. Success will be difficult to come by.

This applies to all organisations regardless of size, industry or the message you’re attempting to get across.

Constructing customer personas can be exceedingly useful. Having recognisable personas gives everybody in your organisation a clear vision of who they’re creating content for, and why a particular approach is likely to work.

In this course, we’ll show why personas are a business necessity and how you go about designing your own. We’ll also show what you can do with them once they’ve been created.


  • Defining personas
  • What is a marketing persona?
  • How to create personas (in five simple steps)
  • Build the picture
  • Bring it to life
  • Summary