Malin Sund works as an editor at Spoon Agency Stockholm. She is also an accomplished speaker and educator on the subject of diversity and inclusion in communication.

Name: Malin Sund
Location: Stockholm
Title: Editor
Work: Producing the Magazine Företagaren, previously editor of SEB:s content hub for entrepreneurs, Hosting talks on how important (and lucrative) diversity and inclusion is – plus how you achieve it, in your communication.
Background: Journalist at Länstidningen, Dagens Nyheter, Shortcut Magazine, among others.


What is a typical day of work like for you?

– I collect and spread ideas that keep us ahead of everyone else. I read so many different digital magazines, newsletters, posts on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram – you name it.

– I get to interview Swedens sharpest, most interesting and creative entrepreneurs. Also, I have a list of people we should work with, cause they’re just outstanding and intriguing and different.


One sentence that describes your learning style?

– Super curious reader that at any given moment has 7 831 screen prints of interesting stuff in her phone.


How do you learn new things in your professional role?

– I want to clone myself and go to every single interesting event but waiting for that to happen, I keep adding new thinkers to my feeds in different social media, plus newsletters and LinkedIn.


Where do you go to stay up to date with what’s happening in your field?

– I give supersmart people a call now and then to hear what’s new. Disrupters with big hearts. They’re my favourite people. Also as soon as I come across an exciting new thinker, I force them to come for an informal coffee at Spoons office. We have the best Italian espresso machine. I actually hug it sometimes. So – don’t underestimate the power of informal meetings, as a way of creating things that previously didn’t exist.


How do you learn new things in your private life?

– I am one of Adlibris [Swedish online bookstore] best customers, biking home with huge packs of books from the delivery point every now and then. I will admit to being slightly overcurious, but I always know who’s related to whom and who does what, in our community. That comes in handy sometimes, getting people to help each other. I learn small things in the process.


What was the last useful thing you learned?

– How entrepreneurs can take steps towards no waste-production by using “leftovers” from other businesses. It’s so smart and possible and … well, it’s the future.


What’s your favourite work-related shortcut or hack? And how did you learn it?

– That must be not looking for things when I need them. That’s to say I’ve already, continuously collected possible ideas and people, that all of a sudden are the perfect fit for a campaign, interview or video. At the same time, this allows us to be bolder and braver, choosing people and stories that would’ve been so much harder to find in a rush. Since they might not have gotten any limelight yet. I’ve learned the method the hard way, by trying to be creative in a hurry. That’s when you get frustrated about picking the same “experts” as everybody else. Often you end up enforcing stereotypes.


Do you have a strategy or trick for coming up with new ideas or concepts?

– I’m an idea bomb. It goes too far sometimes. Strategy? Must be to share ideas as often as possible with my colleagues. And getting their excellent tips in return. I’m trying to figure out how a system for exchanging ideas smarter, internally, blowing our competition out of the water.


What tool, app, software, or service help you learn?

– The apps Ztory and Readly give me access to for example Time Magazine, Wired, Fast Company, Form, Land, Modern Psykologi, Språk, Forskning & Framsteg, Fokus, Vagabond, Veckans affärer and Frame.


What resource, book, online video or similar would you recommend to other marketers right now?

– Swedish author Parul Sharmas new book on producing and consuming ethically: “Produktionskedjan – Ditt ansvar för människan och miljön”. We’re not as ahead as we think we are, in Sweden, regarding how sustainably we run our businesses. Plus two books about learning to actually take breaks in this always-on-world: “Paus” by Patrik Hadenius and “Reload” by Henrik Fexeus and Catharina Enblad Nordlund.


What would you like to learn more about right now?

– How we can quicken the pace of including more people in society and in the workforce. We’re missing hordes of talent right now, amongst new Swedes.


What do you think other marketers should learn right now?

– How to be bolder and take a stand for real, in campaigns. And in everyday work, for example, how hiring could be done smarter and with more diversity and inclusion, to make sure we represent today’s Sweden. Diversity will soon be equally as important as environmental issues are today. I’m sure of it.

/Johan Larsson