Mia Backman is a podcast producer, editor and project manager at Spoon Helsinki. This is how she learns.

Name: Mia Backman
Location: Helsinki
Title: Podcast producer, editor and project manager.
Background: Commercial concept designer in radio, Copywriter in marketing automation.


What is a typical day of work like for you?
– Handling clients’ needs in various ways: Investigating, reporting and coming up with ideas. Also, translations for clients are on my desk.

One sentence that describes your learning style.
– Learning by doing.

How do you learn new things in your professional role?
– I learn a lot from colleagues and clients. Not being the smartest person in the room is a good tactic!

Where do you go to stay up to date with what´s happening in your field?
– I try to read the news every day and just let my natural interests guide me. When you are deeply interested in your industry, the most important things are very likely to come your way by just being normally curious.

How do you learn new things in your private life?
– YouTube, Google and the library. I am very interested in gardening at the moment, so going to the library to get books on that is my thing. I also like to bake bread so if you know good baking blogs send me the links!

What was the last really useful thing you learned?
– A YouTube video how to dismantle a pomegranate. Next, I am going to try to learn how to be good at using Keynote.

What’s your favourite work-related shortcut or hack? And how did you learn it?
– Definitely podcasts and audiobooks. I love to multitask and using my commuting time wisely is important, that’s when I try to dive into audio that helps me do my work better.

Do you have a strategy or trick for coming up with new ideas or concepts?
– Tossing around ideas with my colleagues and going for a walk with my dog. Basically getting some food for thought or then give my brain some time to brew on things.

What resource, book, online video or similar would you recommend to other marketers right now?
– Podcast series called ‘Hidden Brain’. It really tells the stories behind everyday thinking.

What would you like to learn more about right now?
– Social economics.

What do you think other marketers should learn right now?
– There is so much white noise with the abundance of channels right now that I wish that marketers would work more together on distribution strategies.

Watch out for our upcoming course An introduction to podcasting where Mia Backman is the instructor.

/Johan Larsson