Robert Kalinagil is a digital marketer working at Volvo Cars. He also hosts the Someday conference in Stockholm every year and he curates a great monthly email newsletter about digital marketing. This is how he learns.

What is a typical day of work like for you?
– If I didn’t have the time the day before I usually start by going thru my schedule and prioritising my time for the day. To set the mood, I go thru business updates, Google Alerts, Slack channels and my email inbox. I am then continuing with different collaboration forums to exchange ideas, reshaping strategy or improving tactics. In the afternoon, I try to get some time alone with my computer to execute on the things that have been going thru my head during the day.

One sentence that describes your learning style?
– Testing, iterating and improving.

How do you learn new things in your professional role?
– The way I like to learn new things is by talking to people, listening to their experiences and then applying on my day to day work. In my current role, I have the luxury to meet people from different parts of the world and with niche knowledge. That helps me expand my mind.

Where do you go to stay up to date with what’s happening in your field?
– Of course, I have my feeds with curated content about digital marketing. It’s a mix between newsletters, podcasts, blogs and scrolling Twitter. I also try to attend interesting events but usually only have time for the shorter ones, like breakfast seminars.

How do you learn new things in your private life?
– When I’m travelling somewhere by myself, I buy a magazine that I haven’t read before. That helps me learn things about entirely different things like industrial farming, aeroplanes or hunting that’s really not in my feed usually. I also try to do new activities like crawling or climbing, nice to do some physical things when large parts of my workday are in front of a screen.

What was the last handy thing you learned?
– I attended a morning seminar about optimising digital advertising and learned things about viewability and ad fraud which helps me in my follow-ups with our media agency.

What’s your favourite work-related shortcut or hack? And how did you learn it?
– Do things you’ve said you would do right away. If you push things forward, you will need a more significant effort to start that same thought you had.

What tool, app, software or service help you learn?
– My email inbox, YouTube, Omni, Pod feed and Twitter.

What would you like to learn more about right now?
– I’m thinking a lot about user behaviour and how we can move forward in letting our customers be at the heart of our business and work with digital marketing.

What do you think other marketers should learn right now?
– Oh, it differs so much depending on what role and interest you have. I like to be a specialist, but if it is something that I think is becoming more and more important, then it is to understand the business you are working on. Thanks to digitalisation, market and sales are becoming more and more interconnected and the one who can see the whole wins.