Some claim that content marketing is a completely new paradigm in marketing. Others say that it’s just another buzzword. The truth is probably somewhere in between. Content marketing is a buzzword, but it’s also a consequence of a major shift in how todays customers react to and interact with marketing messages.

Back in 2014 AdAge wrote that ”Consumers have changed. They no longer respond well to being told what to buy or what to do. They are well-informed, empowered and socially connected. They choose the brands they give their money to, and trust them to engage them intellectually and to do so with authenticity”.

Today’s customers trust us as brands to engage them and be authentic. That’s it. Full stop.

Our job as marketers is to create relevant and engaging content that meets our customers needs. It’s about building a loyal audience and create some sort of change.

Do I really need another strategy?
Having a documented content marketing strategy is crucial for success. Several years of Content Marketing Institute’s research show that companies with a documented strategy is four times more successful than those who doesn’t have one.

So, building a content marketing strategy is crucial, but it doesn’t have to be hard. And most companies don’t have to start from scratch. You know your brand better than anyone, and you know your audience. You probably have goals in place already and you have a concept idea. All you need is to get it all in place.

Unfortunately, most content marketing initiatives don’t start with research, analysis, insight and strategy, but rather with texts, images and videos. Creating content is for many marketers a pleasurable and creative process, and it’s therefore easy to cut corners with the strategy and go straight for the creation of content.

Working with content marketing without a strategy is like getting out in the woods without a map. Sooner or later you will get lost. Despite this, about 50% of all those working with content marketing lack a documented strategy. Maybe you are one of them?

From buzzword to mainstream
When Seth Godin heard a definition of content marketing back in 2008 he said that “Content Marketing is all the marketing left!”. What used to be a buzzword underdog, challenging the traditional marketing, is today a core part of most companies marketing strategy. That is also why content marketing strategy is more important today than ever before. Even though it’s just a buzzword.

/Björn Owen Glad

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